Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Abandoned By LFD

Did you know that if everyone leaves your dungeon group before the end of the instance and you requeue to find replacements you're placed back at the start of the queue rather than being listed as a dungeon in progress?

Good job.

I had queued as dps on one of my alts and arrived at a particularly unpopular (but totally doable) instance. After waiting for 18 minutes I was raring to go. Everyone zoned in, shuffled around a bit looking at where we were, and then before buffing started, our paladin tank bailed.

That was unfortunate, but whatever. I once went through three tanks in a Sunken Temple run, so having a tank bail because they didn't like the instance wasn't exactly unheard of. I started the requeue process.

All the dps selected their roles, but the druid healer canceled the check, and then bailed. Then one of the dps bailed. I asked the second dps if he was going to bail too, and I didn't get a reply. He just teleported out of the instance, and then bailed.

I sighed and requeued by myself, and found myself looking at another 18 minute wait.

Good job, guys. Good job.

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Mister K said...

I ran into that once and was totally surprised by being at the bottom of the queue again. I decided to leave the dungeon all together and re-queue from scratch.