Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Last Minute Pre-Cata Laundry List

Back in July I listed the vanilla quest chains that I wanted to do before the world shattered. I finished all of them with time to spare, but I’ve found that there are still some things I’ve been meaning to do that I haven’t. So this is the remaining list of loose ends that I want finish before the world erupts.

Mind, doing some of this may be difficult with all the fire and brimstone about. I’m banking on the actual world shattering to happen after Thanksgiving though, giving me a little time to wrap these up.

1) Get Bane of the Fallen King

This might not realistically happen, but we are so close it’s maddening. Unfortunately our disc priest has disappeared without warning on us. No longer answers calls, e-mails, nothing. We have a non-raider who plays an awesome disc priest, but he can’t always make our raid schedule so we realistically only have two raid nights before we’re scheduled to take our raid break. It’s a rough time because if we get really close, we’re going to want to push before Cata, but then that means people won’t get a break.

2) Get Gillien his Crusader title

My paladin is my primary alt and I’ve done things on him I haven’t on my main just because it makes some odd RPish sense. Getting the Crusader title as a paladin would be one of them. I only need a few more days of regularly doing dailies for that.

3) Make Jeeves

I’ve had the recipe for ages, but couldn’t be bothered to make the old field repair bots for parts. Also, since Gillien is my engineer and my alt, he didn’t do as many of the Storm Peaks quests and never got around to learning the Scrapbot recipe, which is kinda necessary (just a little bit).

4) Get the Tripping the Rifts Feat of Strength

I only have one rift each on Hana and Gillien from random happenstance. Obviously this should not be difficult now that Phase 4 is in effect, but I can’t procrastinate either since this will only be around for a limited amount of time. I’d like the achievement on my two most played 80s. Anyone else would just be a bonus.

5) Move low level alts out of Dalaran and Shattrath

This is important. I don’t want low level alts to be stranded in high level cities without portals. I’d have to pay a mage to teleport them back. (Can you imagine trying to get my 19 shaman from Dal back to Org without a portal?) On my main server it’s easy to get a guildie to port me, but my non-twink alts are mostly on servers without support and only got to Dalaran/Shatt by paying a mage in the first place.

6) Clean out the vanilla quests on various alts

If there are any vanilla quests leftover in my alts’ logs that I just wouldn’t feel complete without turning in, I need to take care of those now. This doesn’t apply to my 80s, or my two alts in Outland. This is for the small army that runs from level 19 to 44.

I don’t feel I need to clean out every single quest on every single one of them, but some of them due to RPish inclinations or leveling philosophy I want to clean out more before those quests go away.

At the moment I’m focusing on my twink warrior, who is barreling through the Ghostlands with a vengeance. Everything dies so fast and I’m having so much fun I might have to re-kit her out for Cata-era PvP. With cross-realms BGs twinking might be viable again. After her I’ll likely focus on my 29 hunter (also twinked) and my 44 resto druid, with my 19 twink shaman following afterwards. If I get to any others beyond them that would just be a bonus.

I think those six items should cover everything, though I might not have time for them all. Anyone else have last minute laundry lists?