Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[Druid] Settling in as a Tree

I'm still working on that tree thing. After getting Grid set up properly and running a few practice heroics, I jumped into a ToC 10 pug and managed to not embarrass myself. I do, however, wish that I had a bubble like a paladin. Barkskin just doesn't cut it. Faction Champs is remarkably fun as a tree though. Didn't get silenced or interrupted once, and it was really easy to just run around and keep healing. Nerf restos!

The ToC 10 run was blessed with idiots, which in most cases would annoy me, but because I was there to learn how to heal, well, nothing prepares a person for healing bad situations like people getting into bad situations. It's not like I was there for gear.

We wiped 4 times due to various acts of stupidity, such as people not changing the aura around their feet to dark for Dark Vortex on the Twin Val'kyr, or people not getting on or behind ice patches when Anub was burrowing. We cleared everything, but it was far from the cleanest run out there, and it was only ToC 10!

What pleased me the most was that the other healer was a similarly geared resto shaman and I was mostly able to keep pace with him on overall healing. It was a good sign. I might not be a very good resto druid yet, but I may be passable.

My guild got to Lich King again last night, but due to a misjudgement about how much time we had left to clear and a couple bad wipes (so not on farm yet), we didn't actually get to kill him. On the bright side, we got the Blood Queen hard mode down and our first armor token went to our DK MT. This puts us at 3/12 for hard modes.

We'll be starting over with a fresh lockout for more hard modes next Saturday, with the goal of downing Marrowgar and Saurfang, maybe Rotface or Festergut if time allows. Our resto shaman will be there this time, which should make things easier.

I had hoped to do some practice tree healing on our farm bosses in ICC last night, but time and deciding to do the BQL hard mode didn't allow it anywhere except for the Valithria fight. It was our first time four healing it and it went ridiculously fast. I almost caught up to our shaman in pure output. Of course, neither of us got near our paladin. We left our poor priest outside again (his heal spec is disc). I don't think he's ever gone through a portal on her.

I told our paladin that healing as a druid is like using a sprinkler when I'm used to a firehose, but I think I'm getting comfortable with it. I just need some more practice so I can be a proper backup healer.

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