Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We are Kingslayers

I know, I know. The 15% buff just went live this week, but we had gotten to phase 3 few times before last night, so I think we would have downed him regardless. Our last attempt had a flawless phase 3 and only a single hiccup in phase 2 where we lost our holy paladin and had to battle rez him.

I'm very proud of my pokey little 10-man guild for downing Lich King, for sticking with the 10-man strict format, and still beating the majority of our server's 25-man guilds to the punch. I'll admit, being adding to the GuildOx Hall of Fame as Skywall's server first 10-man strict kill is a nice pat back too.

One of my guildies pointed out that with our kill we're now ranked #80 in the US for 10-man strict. It's pretty cool, but I attribute that more to a lack of popularity with 10-man raiding than how quickly we sped through ICC. Last month was particularly brutal for our raiding schedule since 2 of our 11 raiders had night shift problems that made it difficult if not impossible for them to raid.

We ended up canceling a couple raid nights and temporarily moving a couple more to accomodate absenses.

We're back to our normal raid schedule though, and the night shifts are pretty much done, so we're hoping to rack up some hard modes now.

We also need to get our ret paladin into our next Lich King kill, for being the stand up 11th raider in a 10-man raid guild who volunteered to sit out last night. I really hate benching people, which is why we only have 11 active raiders in my guild, and for someone to offer to sit out on a night where we were all very sure of a kill is very sporting of them.

Now I need to read up on hard modes. It'll be like relearning some fights all over again, I'm sure, but it should be fun!


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Kae said...

Congrats! Just watch out for Marrowgar, he's eeeeevil on hardmode (or was for me!)

Hana said...

Thanks a lot, guys! :)

I've heard Marrowgar's a good leap in difficulty. I can't wait to try him!