Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just When I Thought I'd Run Out of Jerks in LFD

I probably should have a more upbeat subject to write about, but this just happened this evening and I don't have to go to work tomorrow, so I can stay up and blog. (Yay?)

After raid ended tonight I did a heroic with some guildies and then popped on my paladin alt. I had tanked my guild heroic so I figured I'd do some healing. After all, it was getting late and being a healer in a heroic is (most of the time) one of the easiest jobs there is. If the party overgears the content, a healer has to work to find something to do.

So naturally I got thrown into an Oculus run that has been only partially completed. The key roles being filled? The tank and the healer. The new tank asks: what happened? The party answers that there was a pull and the tank and healer left.

After a mess of dragon adds joined us while we were trying to kill some constructs (pro tip: don't bring over a bunch of dragon adds and then dismount so you can join the other not mounted people!) the tank and I could kind of see why. The tank was a bit of an impatient sort too, pulling as long as most of the group was there, which exacerbated the problem.

When we actually had to kite Mage-Lord Urom around his platform to keep people from standing in the ice it was pretty apparent that this group was... well... appropriately geared (or appropriately dps-ing) Oculus with 1300-1500 dps being the norm.

It might not have been too bad if not for the fact that there were so many bone-headed mistakes made by the dps, from going the wrong way, to dragging adds, and then taking forever to accept a rez or to follow the rest of the party.

But the icing on the cake was the death knight who was rolling Need on everything because he was an enchanter. Green ring popped up? Need. Blue pants? Need. Everything he could Need on was Needed while everyone else respectfully did a Greed or DE on it.

Sadly my attempt to vote kick failed, though I'm not sure if the group was just apathetic enough to not care or it had something something with the Oculus vehicle mechanism. I thought after patch 3.3.3 a window was supposed to pop up so players could give a reason for the kick but I never got that, and with all the mounting and dismounting I only had a brief window of time we weren't mounted and weren't in combat to try kicking him.

I admit I was annoyed enough that I might have let him die on Mage-Lord Urom. He and the ret pally were obliviously standing in the ice (which is fine with a high dps group, but not with this one) and it would have been difficult to save both of them, so I had to make a triage decision. Ret pally it was.

The DK died and Mage-Lord Urom only dropped caster items so the DK couldn't Need on them.

Then we went up to Eregos and the fight went reasonably well, though the dps obliviously didn't attempt to move away from the planar anomalies (and by that I really mean the ret pally and the DK, the hunter's dps wasn't good, but you could see he was trying).

It seems the DK managed to die though, mostly by not being anywhere in range of a heal. I was with the tank, and if I'm riding the only green drake I'm not going to bother trying to heal anyone who requires me to move away from the red one.

We opened up the treasure chest, people Greeded the orb and the cloth piece (we had no clothies), and everyone Greeded the dps plate legs... except for two people, me and the DK. I waited, because I wanted to see what the DK would do.

After a period of time, people taking turns getting their bags out of the chest, and a couple people even dropping group, the DK hit Need. I did too. And I got the pants. I couldn't shard them, but I sure could vendor them.

Yes, it may have been petty, but to not Need them would have been to give them to him and I wasn't about to do that.

I've run into lots of people in LFD... elitists, newbies, high strung folks who are really picky about buffs, that guy who seems to be having a one-way conversation with the party, and of course the Need on Frozen Orb folks who were doing it long before 3.3.3 gave the orbs any value, but this is the first time I've run into a person who activately Needed on every possible item the game would allow him to equip.

That was just... wow.


Klepsacovic said...

I ran into a rogue like that just last night, though he had fewer chances to need. By the time I was able to start a vote-kick, the server crashed. It was almost at the last boss too!

I hate ninjas so much.

Hana said...

I was just shocked that someone was actually doing that. I'd never run into someone so blatantly greedy.

The first time I thought it could have been a mistake, but by the third time I was pretty sure that wasn't a case of butterfingers!