Wednesday, May 20, 2009

[Paladin] Goodbye My Nitro Boosts

Despite all the nerfs that engineering gets hit by, despite all the complaints that it doesn't have any worthwhile self-enchants, I've been reasonably happy as an paladin engineer. Do I wish it was better? Sure. But I've had my fun with target dummies, repair bots, the portable mailbox, parachute cloaks, mote farming, the goblin rocket launcher (favorite way to do the first pull in Mechanar back when it was possible to tank as holy), and of course the overpowered goggles I could make before I hit the then 70 or now 80 level cap.

I admit one of the reasons I selected engineering over blacksmithing back when I first created Gillien was because I wanted the goggles. They looked cool, and blacksmithing had very little to offer a holy paladin that didn't come out of the Black Temple. And I found that despite all the whining about the profession, it actually wasn't half the pain to level that I thought it would be (I made a tidy profit while leveling through all the vanilla content).

Recently Blizzard took away the stealth detection from my goggles, which was a bit annoying, but to be honest I didn't use my goggles for my PvP helm. I'd taken a spare PvE helm with a fair amount of haste on it and socketed/enchanted it specifically for PvP.

What bothers me at the moment is the nerfing of my Nitro Boosts.

After several attempts to balance the Nitro Boots ability in the arena, we have decided that we currently do not have an acceptable solution. Until we are able to better balance this ability it has been shut down in the arenas. We fully plan to continue working on this item and we intend to adjust it in upcoming patches.

Last night's arena games may very well be the last time I'll ever do my favorite escape move (Hand of Freedom followed by Nitro Boosts to LOS an opponent who's snared me).

The Nitro Boosts had already been nerfed from their earliest iteration, but even nerfed, those 2 seconds of increased speed were fantastic. Nobody expects a paladin to sprint away from them.

Apparently they were too fantastic.


Crygil goes on to say:

We have plans to make certain that this item is still worth the investment made in it. So don't vendor it just yet.

But the thing is, it's not like the boots are something I'd vendor. They're my WG PvP boots, and the Nitro Boosts (there are no Nitro Boots) are a self-only "enchant." I don't think I can wait for a future patch to fix them (because while turning off the Nitro Boosts in arena is easy to do, compensating their nerf in other ways requires testing so we probably won't see anything until the next patch) so I'm going to have to enchant them with something else in the meantime.

I'll have a choice between the +22 stam enchant or the Tuskarr's Vitality for +15 stam and increased run speed. I'm already using a Tireless Skyflare Diamond for my meta to get a run speed increase, so going with the latter of the two boot enchants will mean getting a new meta, and if I get a new meta I'm strongly considering the one that reduces the duration of silences.


Klepsacovic said...

Engineering used to be the silly profession that was useful in PvP. Now it's not particularly silly and any PvP use gets nerfed over and over, or is just too expensive for BGs/world PvP due to the loss of iron grenades. Are there even any WotLK grenades? We have bombs and that seems to be it.

Darksentinel said...

If you have improved Concentration Aura then it doesn't stack with anything else, so the Forlorn Skyflare Diamond is redundant.
If you have any mana issues at all I'd highly recommend Insightful Earthsiege/Tuskarr's Vitality. Insightful Earthsiege has a very large mana return rate.

Lothildin said...

Engineering used to be very profitable with all the clouds on BC. Now, the only cristallyzed element you can profit on is fire, wich, imho, dont make engineer any usefull.
I had it till some weeks ago, when I dropped it and got JW, since I dont pvp anymore on my druid and JW is actually pretty OP right now for PVE.

Hana said...

I didn't realize the Forlorn Skyfire Diamond wouldn't stack (WoWhead won't display comments on my work computer and I hadn't checked at home yet), but thanks for the heads up.

It looks like it'll be Tuskarr's/Insightful Earthsiege then. I'm doubtful that I'll need the mana in 3s, maybe not even in 2s (except against a drain team), but I joined a 5s team this week and that has the potential to wipe me out. Burst is so heavy there that some occasions I found myself spamming HL because it was barely a choice; my teammates were taking so much damage. I didn't go oom at any point, but I think the potential is there, much more so than the other brackets.