Friday, May 8, 2009

And sometimes luck just happens…

I am not a mount collector. I still ride the same good old kodo I've had since vanilla WoW and level 60. When Attumen dropped his rare mount in Karazhan I was going to pass except that the raid leader insisted everyone roll. I've passed on every bronze drake from CoT I've ever seen on my druid. I have flight form. It doesn't have a cast time. It's convenient. Why bother?

The other night I was finishing up my Children's Week achievements and specifically I was doing the Argent Tournament dailies to fulfill my requirements for Daily Chores. One of them involves going out to Grizzly Hills to kiss some frogs. I did my frog-kissing business and started back for Icecrown, and the trip involved flying through a small portion of Storm Peaks. And that's when I saw it…

A dragon I'd never seen before sailed into view and I moused over it, curious to see what it was.

I remember I was still on vent with one of my guildies, and the first thing I said was "Oh my god. I have to kill this!"

I'd found the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. Of all the random luck…

I know people in guild who have flown around looking for this guy, and just by crazy blind luck I'd stumbled across him on my druid who has no need for an epic flying mount of any kind. Worse, it was late at night, hardly anyone was even on in guild, and the guildie who I knew wanted the mount the most (and who I would gladly have aggroed the mob and held it there until he arrived) had already logged.

I dithered only a moment before I flew around the bloody bastard, who was flying too high to be aggroed from the ground, and got him to chase me down into the ravine on the western side of Storm Peaks. And I killed him, netting myself one Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

So now the druid who doesn't really care for collecting mounts has a rare one. And my guild is telling me that I better fly around on it. It's such a habit to break though. Flight form is still very convenient, but when I remember I'm trying to bring out my new proto-drake.

I mean look at this!

I have four mounts now; my kodo, a hippogriff I bought just so I could do the Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la achievement, an AQ bug mount from a fun run, and now my rare proto-drake.

Sometimes luck just happens… but in retrospect it would have been nice if I'd stumbled on this with my paladin, then I might remember to ride it more often.


Klepsacovic said...

Somewhere someone is going insane farming this mount. While waiting for a respawn he is searching for advice or any help he can find. He is descending into madness from this camping (he's been there for a week, literally). After going through a few pages he stumbles upon this post.

And so ends the life of a farmer, dead by nerd rage explosion.


Hana said...

Hehehe... at long as it's not you that's exploding. :)