Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Year Anniversary

My blog hit its one year anniversary on Friday and I didn't know it. Apparently I'm suffering from time lag and still thought I was in September.

I think the blog has evolved a bit as I ended up finding my voice and what I wanted to say. Originally I wanted to be more of an information resource for moonkin, but I'm not Graylo and honestly moonkin dps and gearing is less an art than a science. Math is a frame of reference for me rather than a tool. When someone does theorycraft I want to be able to follow along and understand it. But I am not so handy with it that I can do my own theorycraft. At best I can advise newish moonkin how to gear and do shop talk with moonkin similarly of my level. I know I will never be able to come close to Graylo and that niche is his niche.

When I started my blog I also expected I would talk about my paladin, which is why I called if Flash of Moonfire (as in Flash of Light) and I'm glad I did since I may have actually spent more time blogging about him in recent months than my moonkin.

I subscribe to a lot of blogs, probably too many, and if I see a topic someone else has already gotten to I won't write about it, not unless I have something to say that I think they're missing. It's not very interesting just quoting patch notes without any commentary. But it turns out that one of the things I don't see much written about is PvP, particularly holy paladin PvP, so that made a good source of blogging. I really wanted to get out a series of posts on how to spec, gem, and gear for 3v3 as a holy pally, but ultimately couldn't write it due to time constraints (since I do most of my writing during my downtime at work and I didn't have nearly enough).

So rather than being an information resource about moonkin and holy paladins, this blog has morphed more or less into stories about what I'm doing, how I'm feeling, and my opinions. I still might do more informational stuff. Maybe a moonkin's guide to Trial of the Crusader, or maybe I'll get around to those holy paladin PvP posts (if I can get on a 3s team again). Now that I'm the guild leader of a 10-man raid group it's possible I might delve into raid and guild leadership. But I suppose the biggest indication that I'm doing all right is that even with my "fluff" posts I now have over two hundred of you subscribing to my blog's RSS feed.

You may not always comment or post, but I'd like to say thank you and it makes me happy to know that the articles I write are of some help or entertainment to other people out there. Next time you see a moonkin out there, pretend it's me and give it a hug.


Klepsacovic said...

You might be the reason I don't hate moonkin anymore.

Hana said...

Aw... :) Moonkin are big and fluffy and ultimately huggable!

Though I miss the days when we were rarer... I remember during TBC I got all these hugs from random people while I was in moonkin form. We're too common now.

Jong said...

Happy anniversary big fluffy moonkin.

I like your stories. My favoriet one is your show-down with the resto druid in 5v5.

Hana said...

Hahaha... thanks. The 5v5 showdown with the resto druid will forever be a fond memory. I still can't stand them in arena. They bring a smile to my face in raids, or dancing in front of the AH, but the second that arena gate opens and they're on the other side of me they are one of the scummiest specs I've ever run into. >:)