Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Shenanigans

Skywall is a PvE server, so PvP is by choice and complicated by the fact some people hate world PvP and griefers can just wait for their flag to wear off before trying again. But that said, Skywall does enjoy a bit of world PvP from time to time, and we had a good run the other night in Brill, where some Alliance decided to kill the orc matron quest giver so people couldn't get or turn in the daily for fighting the Headless Horseman fires.

There were maybe 6-8 Alliance, and they were decently persistent. I wasn't going to get involved initially, having just ridden back to UC after a Headless Horseman piƱata run, but a former guildie of mine whispered me saying that the Horde could fight them off if they just got organized. Since he was out there, I went there as well. I was on my paladin and nothing helps unorganized PvP quite as much as a healer.

At some point the Alliance realized that too.

I'm not sure if it's because they realized I was healing or because I ran in there with my Challenger title on (thereby marking myself as potentially hot stuff), but it seems that half the time if I was targeting Alliance they were targeting me right back. Pally heals are good though, and so are bubble and Hand of Freedom. Though I got stunned, frost nova-ed in place, and other expected shenanigans, the Alliance weren't organized enough to kill me. Such is free-form world PvP.

They did kill the orc matron one more time after I arrived, but we managed to beat back 2-3 more attempts before they gave up and went over to the Bulwark. I didn't chase them.

I'm not big fan of world PvP, but there a few things that will trigger the Horde vs. Alliance aggression in me:

1) Attacking a Horde settlement with the intent to harass other players. Killing quest givers is annoying. I've had it happen to me as a lowbie, even on my carebear server, so I defend towns if they're attacked for that purpose. (If it's just an Alliance blundering through a Horde town and killing some guards that chased him on the way out I don't really care.)

2) Raiding my capital city. I always work to foil attempts at killing one of my faction leaders. It just makes sense.

3) (during WG or on a PvP server) Attacking first. Generally I will warily regard members of the opposite faction and just make sure they're not going to attack me. I don't go out of my way to do the "it's red, it's dead" thing, but if they attack first and I beat them or I know I can beat them if they didn't take me by surprise, they're on my list for the night and I will kill them repeatedly. This also goes if I witness them attacking other Hordies first. I saw a druid that was trying to kill a semi-afk mage waiting by a meeting stone, so I killed him. And then when he rezzed, I killed him again. I figure if you started it, you should be willing to eat it.

4) (during WG or on a PvP server) Taking my mobs. Okay, they're not really mine… yet… And I don't kill Alliance indiscriminately for them. If there are enough mobs for everyone or they're making an effort to leave some for me, then I leave the other faction alone. Limited number of mobs or an elite quest mob though? They'll have to fight me for it. But if cooperation is beneficial I'm up for helping, even while flagged for PvP. I actually helped an Alliance pally on my PvP server with a quest because it didn't matter who killed the waves of adds as long as they died to spawn the NPC that would accept the completed quest. Both of us needed it and it was hard to solo, so it just made sense. (And we parted without killing each other. I'm not all bad!)

As long as none of those four things happen I'm generally a nice enough Hordie. ;) On rare occasions on a PvE server if I run into a flagged Alliance in some random location I'll take that as permission to engage (because if you flag on a PvE server you must be interested in participating in such things at that very moment), but generally I'm good with the live and let live method.

Now quit raiding Brill. There are some lowbies trying to do a daily.


Adgamorix said...

This is a post by my partner in crime - but it pretty much sums up our views on World PvP these days.


Hana said...

Hehehe... that's a fantastic post. :) I used to be really concerned when I got flagged, and my early levels on a PvP server were pure hell, but after a while I got used to it and it doesn't bother me anymore.

Colbee said...

Yes, quit raiding Brill. That's what Crossroads is for...