Thursday, October 8, 2009

[Druid] Mutant Druids Have Escaped Felwood

This is our Tier 10 druid outfit, and I can't say that it's made a good first impression on me. We generally have nature-themed tier sets which befits us as druids. During TBC I wore my T2 look-alike moose head proudly until I got my T4. Our vanilla dungeon set looked like a bird, T1 had a tree-ish look to it, T5 was wood and flowers, T6 was another bird, I don't know what the heck T3/T7 was supposed to be… I've referred to it as a caterpillar cocoon on occasions, but other than the green I really couldn't say what the heck it was supposed to have been.

Suffice to say that T3/T7 has been my least favorite tier set for druid, though T9 may be in the running for that out of sheer ugliness (it's the helm really).

Now we're looking at T10, and it's got some wicked wooden antlers on it. Having a second set of horns on my head doesn't bother me, mind you. I like the heads to T2 and T4. They strike me as a natural outgrowth of the outfits themselves. But those T10 horns just look weird. What animal do they come from? Is it my imagination or do we have thorns coming out of them?!

And while I'm boggling at those horns, I also wonder what's with that freaky faceplate? What's with the teeth on those shoulders? Are we supposed to be some mutant druids that escaped Felwood?

Those jaws have a green glow coming out of them, and while the Emerald Dream is no doubt filled to the gills with green, when you think of glowing green auras spilling out of armor… don't you think of (I dunno) demons?

The rest of the outfit isn't so bad really. I can't say anything objectionable about the gloves, chest, or the pants I can't see, but the shoulders and the helm… It's not that I think they couldn't be cool, with a different glow they'd make a fine shaman set, but they just don't scream druid to me.

T9 was the first helm where we couldn't really see our face, but at least we theoretically could see out of them. Now we have a glowy wooden block with what might be holes in them, but none of them well positioned for our eyes. If our armor didn't disappear in forms I'd wonder how we'd hit anything.

In the meantime, I think we need to talk with the Emerald Circle back in Felwood. We might have a few who got corrupted over there.


Dorgol said...

I think the distorted / corrupted nature look is fitting, considering where we are getting this armor from.

We are going into the Capital of Undeath! Some super-druids would be able to go in and not be effected, but lesser druids would have to feel the corruption to a harsher level than most other classes.

Hana said...

Yeah, but the lovely green and gold that was T7 came from Naxx, which isn't exactly the greenhouse of Azeroth. :)

I guess I could see the corruption standpoint if there was a story behind the tier sets, so we could see why we look the way we do, but there generally isn't.

ArchDruid Angela said...

Yeah I really really dislike this set, what's with that helm anyway? I think those are thorns on top.. but you're right, that gooey flaceplate, wtf? Defiantly going to hide it! Have you seen the hunter set... looks like it's made of wood, maybe that would be more appropriate for us!