Thursday, January 14, 2010

[Druid] No Attack Poses with Weapons in the New Armory

Quick post while it's on the top of my mind.

I came to work this morning to find the new armory up. Yay. I play around with the model viewer. Hana's in her feral set so I don't really want to play with her pose until I can see it with my moonkin gear on. I decide to muck around with Gillien a bit. Find something kinda cool and take off his helmet. He looks like a arrogant jerk in the freeze frame I chose (perfect for a BE) which is actually part of the /bow animation.

I go through all the other animations too; casting one way, casting another way, attacking normally, attacking with a special. Nice stuff, though I can't find the falling animation I really wanted (to match the one used in my title banner).

Finally, I move on to Darkker, who's always in one feral set or another. After having seen Gillien posing in attack animations with his mace and shield, I'm looking forward to seeing Darkker in a threatening pose with her polearm. I wasn't expecting to have forms in the armory, it doesn't show off a character's gear after all, but I was at least expecting to have the same pose options as I did on my paladin.


I go through all the social emotes (salute, cry, point, etc.) so I can get to the combat ones and what's this? Casting (targeted), Casting (general), Cast (targeted), Cast (general)... and that's it?! Where are my attack animations?

Okay, maybe druids don't normally attack with their weapons, but I want something to show that she's a feral, something that makes her look ferocious and that she's ready to transform into a kitty bear at any second. Unfortunately my only option with her weapon out is the idle pose.

Sad feral.

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