Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[Paladin] Quick Arena Update

Ended the week at 1765. Raiding four nights in a week and being on two active arena teams while still trying to keep a couple nights free for personal stuff sure makes for a crowded playing schedule. We only got in 10 games this weekend, but they were enough to push us back over 1750 so that when I log in this evening I will be able to get my Furious chest.

The range of people we're fighting is starting to get a bit wilder. We actually ran into one 2200 team and a couple 1400-1500 teams. I can't help wondering if that's because there are fewer teams at our rating playing on any given night now.

I have no remaining suppositions for what rating to shoot for, or even what piece of gear I want next. The Furious chest is going to wipe my bank of arena points, though if I wanted to and my rating remained steady, I could buy the Deadly shoulders next week if I felt like it. It doesn't seem worth it though. And yet, I'm not sure what piece of Furious gear I can save for.

There's a surprising lack of gear at 1800. There's just nothing; no honor gear, no arena gear. At 1850 I could get a shield, though again that will take another three weeks of points. I also could get a weapon at 1850 which would be much cheaper in the way of points, and I have the honor for it, but I'm not sure if they would be worth it. It seems most of the top 3v3 holy paladins forsake the Furious weapons and shield in favor of PvE equivalents. There's probably some itemization reason for it.

Of course, this assumes we can push onward, because if we don't, what I can buy becomes a moot point.

Unrelated to arena, the whole faction change business might be the first time I use a paid service beyond my monthly fee. If there's any character I've wished I had reason to play again, it's my 51 Alliance warlock. All her old guildmates transferred away and I only play Horde these days, so it would be nice to bring her into my current guild.

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