Tuesday, June 23, 2009

[Paladin] Three's Company: 1750

It's Tuesday, so that means crunchy sweet arena points here I come. We really did it this weekend. My 3v3 team hit 1750 and our next achievement milestone. When I first joined my team I didn't think we'd get this high, and certainly not this quickly. I thought we'd plateau earlier on and I'd end up spending my arena points on the Deadly set to gear myself up before we could push on to anything better.

Instead I find myself hoarding points for Furious gear. Even with a 1700+ rating it'll take 3-4 weeks to get any set-piece aside from the gloves. Granted we'll get more points every week the higher we go, so it could eventually be faster, but I'm starting to wonder, how much higher can we go?

The three of us didn't have a lot of play time available with the Father's Day holiday this weekend so we shot for our ten games and stopped shortly thereafter. This actually resulted in us ending below 1750 for the week since we lost our last couple of games, but we're not that concerned. None of us would have had the arena points to buy anything this coming Tuesday even if we'd maintained the 1750 rating, so we'll just work on getting back to 1750 next week.

We lucked out and didn't run into any RMP this week, but we did run into two different teams that used a dual-healer setup. One was a warlock with a druid and a priest. The other was a death knight with a priest and a paladin.

We'd never seen anything like them before and found out that they completely wreck havoc with us. We have very little CC (especially anything that can be chained) so it's hard for us to lock someone down for more than a few seconds. This made it incredibly difficult for us to burn through their heals. We almost got the priest down once in the priest/paladin/DK team, but at the last second he managed to heal up and we never got him close again.

The biggest irritation in facing a dual healer setup is that it leaves one of the healers (priest *cough*) greater freedom to do utility functions such as dispelling and mana burning.

I rarely run out of mana in 3s. Unless I'm being burned, I shouldn't run out unless I make a bad judgment call. I'm trying to get better at breaking LOS, but sometimes it's hard when Holy Shock is on cooldown and a teammate needs a heal. That said, I think I did a good job for the most part this weekend, but I'm not the only possible burn target, and when our hunter gets burned it really hurts his dps. One match I even threw wisdom on him mid-fight because he was almost empty.

With today's points I should be at about 2000 arena points to spend, so if we hit 1750 again this weekend and can hold it until next Tuesday I should find myself the proud owner of a new chest piece. I don't have a PvP chest yet (Archavon has not been kind to me, and I can't bring myself to buy the Deadly or wear the Hateful), so this will be much appreciated.


Jong said...

Grats! You guys must've been stoked. My highest rating was 1600 on my 2s team and I did a cartwheel across the room when we got that.

Hope you get the furious chest!

Hana said...

Yes, there was much cheering to be had. :D Thanks a lot!