Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Moment is Fast Approaching

My 10-man strict guild raids just twice a week, Saturdays and Mondays, so at times we're a little behind the curve. Everyone else hits bosses first, gets their achievements first, gets to wave their fancy gear in front of us first (okay, maybe just's a couple folks we know, and they're 25-man raiders waving around gear we'll never get).

But the thing is, we get there. We don't spend a whole lot of time raiding, and sometimes if we're missing someone we just don't raid at all, but we make progress.

A couple of our main raiders are having overtime issues at work this week, throwing their Mondays in doubt, so I decided that it might be worthwhile to make as many progression attempts on Saturday as possible, while we had the advantage of having a full guild raid. We could always pug the last spot (we have eleven raiders on our roster) for the farm content on Monday.

Since we'd gotten Sindragosa to a not-too-shabby 18% last week, I really wanted to make the most of our momentum and the bulk of the guild agreed. We cleared Lower Spire, one-shotted Dreamwalker (that 10% raid buff is insane, we healed her so fast the fight was over before we knew it), and then faced down Sindragosa, who had been making frozen pancakes out of us for the past two weeks.

We refined our strategy for the ice tomb placements and finally, with only one dps, one healer, and one tank still standing we got her down. It was pretty epic.

My only regret is that we didn't get her down before the 10% buff went into effect. I think we could have done it, since we were still making mistakes and no attempt was flawless, but I'll take it. You know why?

We're gonna see Arthas on Monday.

I know. We still have to clear Plagueworks and Crimson Halls. But those shouldn't take us more than a couple hours, if that. That means we'll still have at least an hour to work on Lich King.

Also, after raid last night, I talked with a former guildie of mine who recently came back to the game. He's has negligible ICC experience, but heals like a monster, and he's agreed to be on standby with us on Monday in case both our overtime folks can't make it.

This means we should have a full batch of ten on Monday. And Arthas is waiting...


Kae said...

Good luck :D It's a fun fight, overall, though sooo many things can go wrong during it!

Hana said...

Thanks so much. :D We got p to phase 2 a few times with only one Raging Spirit up on our first night, so it's a good sign!