Monday, February 8, 2010

Vetoed My First Vote Kick

I've vote kicked people, even been vote kicked myself, but this is the first time I've veto-ed one. I've heard about people taking a stand against kicking undergeared tanks and healers, and of course Gevlon has been promoting vote kicking poor dps, but that last type of vote kick hadn't come up on previous runs I've been on.

Generally we vote kick because 1) the person has been afk too long, or 2) the player was an incompetent jerk (incompetent is one thing, but blaming the tank and healer for one's shortcomings is quite another).

Last night a tank guildie and I were running our daily heroic. I was healing on my paladin. LFD gives us three pug dps, all from different servers, and drops us in HoL.

Before long it becomes apparent that the enhance shaman isn't that good. I even outdps him on a couple pulls. (Since I knew my tank I was comfortable laying down Consecrates and tossing out Holy Wrath, Exorcism, SoRs, offensive Holy Shocks, etc. when healing wasn't needed.) The shaman isn't abysmal, he's not doing triple digit dps like some folks I've run with, but he's managing a steady 1200 dps for the heroic, and he's in epics.

The hunter in the group picks up on this and starts asking the shaman why he's sucking so much. When the shaman dies to the gauntlet adds the hunter says, "Fail shaman is fail." Which unsurprisingly results in the shaman doing /spit on him repeatedly after I rez him.

We keep clearing, knocking out the second and third bosses, with the occasional rude remark from the hunter, and then about three or four pulls from Loken the hunter intiates a vote kick on the shaman.

While I agreed the shaman's dps sucked, I wasn't going to kick a guy that close to the last boss, especially since we'd already cleared the majority of the instance. If it meant that much to the hunter to kick him, he should have initiated it at the start of the instance. Kicking him now would have meant that the shaman's 15-20 minutes in our instance was wasted and he'd have to wait another 15 in the queue to get his frost badges.

I vetoed, my guildie did too (for all I know our warrior dps also veto-ed, he seemed a friendly sort), and the shaman stayed.

The hunter was apparently shocked that no one else saw his view, since he asked "WTF who didn't vote kick" in party chat. In retrospect I'm a little surprised it didn't initiate a new round of spitting from the shaman, but perhaps the shaman felt better knowing that the rest of the group didn't feel as antagonistic to him as the hunter.

The thing is, I know it's annoying to see someone doing way lower dps than they're capable of, but it doesn't make sense to kick someone at the tail end of the instance. That's just being a jerk. Any new dps would've had to run all the way up to join us in time for Loken and probably would have cost us time, even if we cleared the remaining pulls as he caught up. There was no reason to kick the shaman at that point other than to be mean to him.

Maybe, maybe I would have been sympathetic towards kicking the shaman early on when the instance had barely started, so as little of his time was wasted as possible while still sending the message that he should pick up his game, but if he's been welcome the majority of the instance he's going to finish unless he's doing something so horrible that it's a detriment to the party, and by that I mean making us wipe, which he wasn't.

Also, I need to get back on druidy and paladiny topics. I feel like I've been wandering from those too long.


Dorgol said...

Real early in 3.3 a vote-kick showed up for a player. I don't remember what it was, but I do remember it was an overreaction.

I clicked "No" to the kick as it really wasn't justified. Apparently, the rest of the group disagreed, as the vote passed.

So I made some comment about how they had bigger problems if they were willing to vote kick after one issue, and then left. I continue to do similar things when unjustified kicks occur.

It's really nice when I get to do that as a tank - I get instant queues, and I know they have to wait. :0

Hana said...

I've never quit a group to make a point, mostly because I'm not sure how much it's worth it.

Incomplete groups that have already started a heroic are top or near the top of the priority list and there have been times when a tank left and I've gotten a replacement less than 30 seconds later.

Other times it's taken 5 minutes.

Making them wait doesn't work if they don't actually have to wait (though as a tank you would get into another, possibly friendlier group, immediately so it's little detriment for you).

BASEBALL said...

As a note, it's impossible to /votekick someone at the beginning of the instance. You're unable to votekick for the ffirst 15 minutes because of the debuff you get.

Many times a group can complete the instance in less time than the debuff lasts. Even in longer zones like UP or HoL, the debuff typically wears off on the slog to the last boss.

Even so, I don't mind votekicking people. If a DPS is truly that terrible, he can spend the next 10 minutes in queue reading up on how to press his buttons better. DPS replacements are instant, and it only takes a minute for them to catch up.