Monday, April 27, 2009

Blogging and Burnout

Out of Mana closed just over an hour ago. It's hardly the only blog that has closed in recent weeks, but it was perhaps the one that irked me the most. Not because the blogger decided to call it a day and move on with his/her life.

Nah, it's more because Megan locked commenting on her blog so readers can't say good-bye. I thought about e-mailing her anyway, but I figured she may have deleted the e-mail address, decided to stop checking it, and in any case, if she doesn't want comments she probably doesn't want the good-byes.

I found her blog to be very personable and funny, and besides there's not much out there for holy paladin PvP. I wanted to thank her for the laughs and wish her well.

As for me, I realize I may never be the most prolific blogger out there, but it's a good place to be. I largely compose these posts during my lunch hour at work, more rarely at home at night, which means on busy days I might not get around to posting anything. It's especially difficult to compose posts that involve screenshots since my computer at work and computer at home are not linked in any way.

But what that does is it puts a restriction on how much time I can possibly allocate to this activity. When I'm home I play the game I like or I do something else. I don't usually think about my blog at home, except perhaps in the screenshot taking department. I have what might be considered an embarrassing number of screens of my characters in various locations just because I thought they looked cool. Sadly I'm not sure how many I'll ever get posted up here.

I like writing down my thoughts on this game, but because of the limits I have in place, it's not possible for me to ever blog to the point where it's just taking up too much time. I still do things like go out to eat with coworkers and such. Not every lunch hour will ever be devoted to this blog.

Anyway, this isn't much of a real post. Just me thinking about moderation. It's important in WoW, in blogging, and much of anything else. I really like WoW at the moment, but once I'm done with the game I know I'll be able to set it down and walk away without looking back.


Klepsacovic said...

Goodbyes tend to include implied wishes to not go. That can be tempting and difficulty for someone who feels they must go for their own good.

I think we're all guilty of the cool screenshots. Every now and then I go through and delete anything which isn't temporary. By that I mean, if I can take it again, I delete it, but if it's a funny chat log or a boss kill or whatever, I keep it. I'm months behind on this.

Hana said...

Yeah, I guess that's true. It shouldn't be though. :\

I really need to clean out my screenshots. I know I have a few that are more or less the same thing except I was trying to get a better angle on something.

Darksentinel said...

Hi Hana.
Now that Megan's gone, do you want to catch up sometime via email about what it's like to heal arena as Holy?

Hana said...

Sure! Shooting you a mail.